Heidi Smith

Experienced UX and product design professional with expertise in finance, publishing, media, retail and non-profit sector. As a specialist in solving complex problems, overseeing projects from concept to production in both web and application.

Heidi Smith

Case study - Venice Biennale

Venice Biennale – Phyllida Barlow presented folly at the British Pavilion.

The existing website were non-responsive, with a timeline non-accessible to a archive material.

• Using desk-based research looked at existing analytic to create dialogue about features, raising question on the timeline;
• Created IA and wireframe prototype to demonstrate how a History section could fulfil the timeline requirement and provided a responsive user experience;
• Worked with content editor to encourage co-creation and improve writing style;
• Planned and facilitated summative user testing, handled recruitment ourselves to minimise cost;
• Mentored content manager during user testing and user interview.

IA proposal to bring timeline material within site navigation.

Previous timeline being incorporated as part of the site structure, became a History section.

• New information architecture to show how a 'History' session would work, showcasing previous exhibition better than a timeline;
• Indicated how it could rota from Fine Art to Architecture with minimal headline change.

Created a responsive prototype to demonstrate site structure and navigation. https://l8jdwt.axshare.com/venice_biennale__macbeth_.html

Wireframe and prototype to help development.

Conducted user testing on both desktop and mobile version of the new British Council Venice Biennale website

Not what I expected at all. It's cool! - Participant regarding Fellowship section

Conducted Desirability testing to elicit user’s impression on site design overall.

it’s a lot of information – it’s very meaty but it’s very interesting; writing style is a bit like wikipedia; – Participant on content of the website

• The Venice Biennale was launched in March 2017 on time and within budget prior to opening of the official Venice Biennale announcement;

• The website, worked with online campaign, achieved the set target visitor number;

• Created a website that could transit between two departments – Art and AFD(Architect, Fashion and Design) – yearly, yet remind on brand and fulfil the business need;

• Educated stakeholders with digital development process and built relationship with different departments, which led to a new Film project being commissioned for 2018.

• Built confidence in Art department which led to more work being commissioned for 2018;

• Led and mentored a junior ux designer.

As Venice Biennale British Pavilion’s sponsor, British Council Art would like to relaunch the website for 2017.

• Art department had seven websites all run by different external agencies with inconsistent looks and feels;
• The existing website had a timeline feature the team were keen to keep but it’s not user friendly;
• The website need to work with both Art and AFD (Architecture, Fashion and Design) department as the festival alter every year between theme.

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