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Experienced UX and product design professional with expertise in finance, publishing, media, retail and non-profit sector. As a specialist in solving complex problems, overseeing projects from concept to production in both web and application.

Heidi Smith

Case study - Dream Team App 2014

We started off with doing desk-based research, created sitemap for the app and looked at crossed app journey between our multiple offering. We then conducted the first mobile user testing on the later prototype in house to promote user research value.

• Competitor review
• UX review
• Sitemap (IA)
• User journey – moving user between DreamTeam and Goals app
• Mobile user testing on prototype in house
• App store optimisation

Preformed competitors reviews to check the fantasy football game landscape.

UX review on the current Dream Team IOS.

Conducted UX review on the current app, highlighted priority fix.

Conducted UX review on the current app, highlighted priority fix.

Highlighted USP in competitor review.

• Created user journey based on our user profile;
• Investigate offering from our other apps and pin point cross referencing potential;

Created user journey when moving user across our Dream Team and Goals apps.

Created user journey based on our persona.

One of the proposed solution to moving user across the apps.

One of the proposed solution to moving user across the apps.

• Created sitemap to show where switch happen;
• Mock up app tray to indicate how it could work;

Created DreamTeam sitemap to highlight position for Goals crossed app integration.

Recommendation implemented across all the apps and onboarding journey.

• Design sign up screen for Dream Team; introducing the idea of Sun+;
• Prototype sign up journey for user testing (external);

Created user journey for different sign up scenarios.

Created original wireframe, worked with visual designer to finalise sign up journey.

Final sign up journey, tested with prototype https://np5z4e.axshare.com/home.html

• Conducted out first in house mobile testing, with existing Dream Team subscribers, prior to launch


• Usability issues raised from both agency and in house research were fed back to developer prior to launch;
• App launched within timeline before Premiership game start;
• App exceed sign up target of 500k within a month, and reach 600k before season start;

DreamTeam is an seasonal football manager app following the Premiership football. At the beginning of 2014 season, the Sun Online was going behind paywall, sign up to Dream Team app would automatically gain 2 months free access to the Sun’s website.

• App being built by external party, need ux support on user journey, both within the application and connecting to the wider business
• Tight turnaround time
• User research outsource to external agency

  • Date 2014

  • Type #Lead UX #Competitor review #prototype #user testing

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