Heidi Smith

Experienced UX and product design professional with expertise in finance, publishing, media, retail and non-profit sector. As a specialist in solving complex problems, overseeing projects from concept to production in both web and application.

Heidi Smith

Sun Digital

User journey mapping the first 5 minutes of downloading the Sun app

We did a project called the 'first 5 minutes', to investigate varies onboarding and help for new users.

what happen when customer changing billing information online?

I looked after sign up journey and payment screens were my friends.

• Investigated crossed app promotion;

Worked on messaging for lapse and return customers;

Mapping out the full sign up screens on mobile;

Wireframe and define function on My Account area.

From 2013 onward, I transitioned from the Sun website to an working on the app.

  • Date 2013

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