Heidi Smith

Experienced UX and product design professional with expertise in finance, publishing, media, retail and non-profit sector. As a specialist in solving complex problems, overseeing projects from concept to production in both web and application.

Heidi Smith

Times & Sunday Times Project D

• Created audience personas based on user research;
• Using the persona to discuss features and design

Created persona based on business intelligent segmentation.

• Facilitated workshop with business stakeholders to gather requirements and try to understand data flow from the business perspective;
• Created initial domain model;
• Using the news room domain model to understand concern and expectation of business.

Ran workshops with stakeholders to map news room domain model, tried to understand the information and data flow on the system.

• Initial Information Architecture (IA) for the Times edition;

Created sitemap to illustrate the edition idea and how content would be presented each day.

Full set of persona were on the wall during the project cycle;

• Responsive prototype mega menu and sticky header;
• For user testing and validate concept in both desktop and mobile environment.

Created responsive prototype for sticky navigation and maga menu concept. https://op4zd5.axshare.com/home.html

• Iterate and alternative prototype with side menu;
• Jump scroll action for navigation experience.

Created responsive prototype with visual design input, used for testing. https://zqe7mf.axshare.com/#c=2

Business to relaunch Times and Sunday Times; websites, a common new content management system (CMS).

• Introduced multiple editions idea on a web environment;
• Represent multiple paper on the same website;
• Provide opportunity to cross pollenate content while keeping editorial independent.

  • Date 2015

  • Type #persona #prototyping #workshop

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