Heidi Smith

Experienced UX and product design professional with expertise in finance, publishing, media, retail and non-profit sector. As a specialist in solving complex problems, overseeing projects from concept to production in both web and application.

Heidi Smith


Aviva running a campaign to get customers to sign up to MyAviva to manage accounts.

• Letter send to existing customers to encourage them to sign up with an activation code; customers then log in within the code.
• Customers were unable to verify and didn’t know the security questions.
• Customers created a guest account without a product.

Prototype: https://mviqv2.axshare.com/home.html
mobile prototype: https://uhwft4.axshare.com/home.html

With the user research, we improved a number of areas including the password retrieval process and invested in photo IDV to help customers log in. We improved the registration rate and reduced the call to customer service call for log out accounts.

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